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About Scalar

Scalar is a web-authoring tool designed for academic writing that allows users to create multimedia "books". A Scalar book can embed many types of media content, including video, audio, maps, timelines, etc.

You can access the Harvard Scalar instance at:

Harvard's Scalar is managed by Academic Technology for FAS. Information on getting started with Harvard's Scalar can be found here:

The complete user's guide (which is itself a Scalar book) can be found here:

Other resources for getting started with Scalar can be found here:


These are all public Scalar books that give a sense of the range of things you can do in Scalar, which might be useful for deciding if Scalar is the right platform to host your content.

SOCIOL1130: Student Leadership and Service in Higher Education

In Manja Klemencic's SOCIOL1130, students use Scalar to share the results of their action research and their blueprints for action for the student service and leadership organizations in which they serve.

Imperiia Project

A historical GIS project from the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies that uses Scalar for its narrative component.

Brown Center for Digital Scholarship

Under "Examples" on this page are some Scalar books that demonstrate some of the more advanced features of Scalar, including paths, tags, and video.