This short tutorial is going to walk you through the process of contributing a resource to theResources.

  1. make sure you have a github account, and that you've been added to our development team (Slack us to join).
  2. get to the repo here, and, more specifically, to the folder where all of our individual markdown files will go right here.
  3. to create a new file in a new folder, click "Create new file" and type in both the folder and the file name: folder/
  4. copy and paste your markdown into the editor (or just type it there).
  5. Under "Commit new file" type in a commit message ("Create my bio") along with any additional notes.
  6. Leave "Create new branch" selected and type in a name for your branch (no spaces!).
  7. Hit "Propose new file" to commit your changes to your new branch and submit a pull request.
  8. Assign JK and MK as reviewers.