Help for TDM173


We are here to help you as you produce your final videos for TDM173. Below you'll find a group of resources designed to help you capture good video with just a phone or computer (rather than a fancy camera). But if you have any specific questions at all, please get in touch with us by filling out the help form at

Four elements to consider when capturing high quality footage

There are four main elements of smartphone video capture that will be discussed below (stabilization; composition; lighting; sound), and all of them are important to consider when planning and executing shots for your final videos.

With a little bit of thought, planning, and experimentation, you'll be surprised at how much more compelling, convincing, and emotionally affecting your video capture can become.


Without effective stabilization of the smartphone camera that you are using, your footage can appear jerky and distracting. And while this may be a good option if you are filming a horror film, and you want the jerkiness of the camera motion to impart an element of uncertainty and fear, for many other genres, this is not the goal. So if you are seeking options for increasing stability in your shots, here are some resources that can help you on your way:


Framing and composition is another essential element of compelling video capture. How much head room do you want your subject to have? Should your subject be situated on the left, or right third of the frame, etc.? These are important questions to consider (among others!), and here are some resources and best practices to help you navigate in this realm.


Now that you have a handle on stabilization and composition, another crucially important element to consider is lighting. Here are some practical resources that can give you tools on how to approach this so that you can creatively leverage and manipulate light in your videos.

Audio capture

Recording good quality audio with your smartphone is not always easy! The microphones themselves are not amazing, and in many instances the subject you are filming is much further away from the microphone than is ideal. Nevertheless, please check out the resources below to help you navigate the sometimes perilous waters of smartphone audio capture.