Tools for recording and editing presentational videos

​ There are many powerful tools you can use for creating a presentational video as a creative assignment, capstone project, or when delivering research findings. These tools vary widely in terms of functionality, complexity, cost, and cross-platform availability (i.e., whether it exists on PC and/or Mac), so knowing what you hope to achieve in your video can help you decide what tools to employ. ​ Before deciding on your production and editing tools, though, you'll actually want to do a bit of brainstorming to decide how you want the video to look and feel (i.e., what the video's structural elements will consist of). Once you have a good understanding of the end-result that you're hoping to produce, you can then target the recording and editing programs to match your desired outcome. ​ Here are some initial questions you may want to consider when thinking about the potential components of your video: ​