Creating a Video - EXPOS20Saha

The Learning Lab team primarily uses Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X to edit video, but another solid option is iMovie. Explore the following resources to learn more about editing in iMovie and Premiere Pro.

Principles of Editing


The staff at the Virtual Media Lab from Lamont Library are iMovie experts. If you have questions, check out their Canvas page, stop by their Virtual Media Lab Zoom room, or email them at

Premiere Pro

These tutorials were made for Adobe Premiere, a video editing platform in the Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Premiere is available for Harvard students to download on PC or Mac here.

  1. Editing Basics in Premiere Pro
  2. Downloading Youtube videos, and importing into Premiere Pro
  3. Adding Text to Video in Premiere Pro
  4. Color Correction and Grading
  5. Keyframing Volume, Panning, and EQ
  6. Overlaying, cropping, and animating an image on top of a video
  7. Overlaying video with a split screen effect
  8. Smoothing Handheld Video Footage

Request help from the LL

If you experience any challenges, don’t hesitate to submit a question at or contact us through your course Slack on the #ll-course-expos20saha shared channel!!