Soundtrap Resource Page

Soundtrap is a collaborative, web-based software created by Spotify that allows users to produce music and podcasts—all online, no downloading required! With an intuitive interface and a library of premade loops, Soundtrap is very user-friendly and enjoyable to use.

1. Getting Started

2. Adding Audio Clips

Once you've created a new project, the next step is to add an audio file. This can be done in one of two ways:

3. Manipulating Tracks/Audio Clips

Tracks contain a group of audio clips of the same kind. For example, you may have one track that contains all audio clips of the narrator's speech. Or, you may have a track that contains the piano component of a music composition. It may be useful to group audio clips together into a track for organizational purposes and so that you are able to adjust the audio of all of these clips at once.

4. Adjusting Audio

5. Inserting Music Beds

To insert music into your project, you can either import a new file following the previous instructions, or you can browse Soundtrap's Loop Library and insert these pre-made loops.

  1. To access the loop library, select "Add New Track" in the lefthand column, then select "Loop Library" at the bottom of the popout window. Alternatively, select the purple music note on the righthand side of the screen, located under "Exit Studio."


  1. Browse through the loops. After selecting the loops you'd like to use, double click or drag and drop to import the loops into your project.

6. Saving and Exporting Project

When you've finished a working session, be sure to save your project. When your project is complete, save once more and export to share!