Recording with little to no equipment

There's really only a few basic rules to follow when you're looking for a clear, clean recording, and they're roughly the same as a good study environment.

This will be true if you're recording on your phone, laptop, or a professional podcasting microphone -- and in truth, you'll be fine with one of the first two.

Sound has the tendency to bounce around and each room will have a surprisingly different tone to it, so if you have several choices, I'd recommend a test recording in each location, just to see if anything stands out about one or another. You'll likely be looking for a room that has the least reflective surfaces -- somewhere cozy.

Finally, there's a shortlist of things you might want to watch out for, essentially this is anything that makes a noise, but the most common culprits are

Mostly just remember: Find a quiet room and get close to your microphone.