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My time at the Learning Lab has always involved throwing myself into new learning techniques and ways of conveying information, using either digital resources or physical media. Now, being off campus and online, I have shifted to focus more on remote-learning tools like the Adobe Creative Suite. With these tools, I've been able to find new ways to present information that aim to circumvent the drawbacks experienced when learning remotely. I can now create engaging presentations, animations, and infographics to show my information, and thus have the ability much more engaged with the material. Furthermore, I've started to learn more about using Adobe Spark as a website-making tool, and am using it to share what I've learned with the greater Harvard community! With Spark, I've completed several "help requests" for students looking to integrate different tools into their final projects for their classes or for their own research. Because we don't have the physical space of the Learning Lab to teach these tools, the Spark pages have been especially helpful in getting that information out to other students so that they can get the most out of their remote learning as well!