Laura's Bio

This is a little bit about me. I have been a LLUF since October 2017, and I love it!

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Here are some of the tools I work with:

Here are some of the resources I have created:

The hardest thing to do is encapsulate in words exactly how meaningful the Learning Lab is to me. As a LLUF, a day in the life can look like anything I want it to, because I never quite know what exciting task or test will be assigned when I walk through the door. I am particularly interested in storytelling and aplicable, meaningful theater. I want to take all of the intangible, soft skills which I have learned from being in a theater space (discipline, flexibility, quick-thinking, empathy, and creativity, to name a few) and work to translate them into teachable qualities that can be implemented in a classroom space to create more productive, socially-engaged learners. I am most inspired by educators and finding ways to make their lives and students' lives better is what drives me. I love flexing my creative, problem-solving muscle and being presented with new challenges in the Learning Lab environment. I'm also excited that distanceLab has already offered numerous opportunities for me to expand my knowledge base to become more familiar with an even wider range of tools, from GitHub and MarkDown to Adobe Animator.