Premiere Tutorials

These tutorials were made for Adobe Premiere, a video editing platform in the Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Premiere is available for download for Harvard students here.


  1. Editing Basics in Premiere Pro by Mike Oliveri (Github page)
  2. An Intro To Video Making: A comparison of Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, and DaVinci Resolve by Elmer Vivas Portillo (Spark page)
  3. Color Correction and Grading by Diane Andronica (Spark page)
  4. Audio Sweeting: Fixing Distant & Muffled Audio by Lily Dickinson (Youtube)
  5. Audio Sweeting: Takings Hums out of audio in Premiere by Lily Dickinson (Youtube)
  6. Keyframing Volume, Panning, and EQ by Lily Dickinson (Vimeo)
  7. Overlaying, cropping, and animating an image on top of a video by Mike Oliveri (Youtube)
  8. Downloading Youtube videos, and importing into Premiere Pro by Erin Chadwick (Youtube)
  9. Adding Text to Video in Premiere Pro by Erin Chadwick (Youtube)
  10. Overlaying video with a split screen effect by Mike Oliveri (Youtube)
  11. Smoothing Handheld Video Footage by Casey Cann (Youtube)