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Why I'm a LLUF

I'm Kathryn, junior at Harvard studying Computer Science and Economics, and I've been LLUF-ing for almost 1 year now! After embarking on a long journey of discovery, I've settled now on pursuing CS+Design, and working at Bok has allowed me to learn a lot through teaching myself and others. At the LL, I've been constantly encouraged to collaborate and be creative, allowing me to go from learning the Adobe Suite from scratch to publishing full-blown tutorials. I arrived an Econ concentrator seeking a sense of direction and was re-inspired by the LL's abundant support to be a creative, ultimately launching me into tech and reminding me how much I enjoy being a builder! In a world and university that values individuality and is constantly evolving, I'm glad that being a LLUF means I get to contribute to the education community and be always challenged to forge ahead.