Customizing Zoom Video with OBS


Jordan's Level-Up on OBS Report:

time spent: 1.5 hours

Tools: OBS

Level: 0-1



Ok, so I think I accomplished a pretty cool thing for my first ever time trying OBS.

Here are my Top tips:

For a really nice cinematic video of self:

  1. r-click your Video Capture Device to get to Filters
  2. Add these Filters:
    1. Apply LUT
    2. Sharpness
    3. Chroma Key
  3. Hover over your video in the preview and hit command E to bring up the Scene Transform.

You will want to make similar adjustments as seen in the following screen caps:

Apply LUT

Path-Browse = ...teal_lows_orange_highs.png Amount = 0.82


= 0.13

Chroma Key

Gamma = -0.38 Contrast = 1.22 Brightness = -0.08 Hue Shift = 11.79 Opacity = 100

Scene Item Transform

Size = 1920 x 1080 Crop Top and Bottom = 100

And there you have it, folks! It's almost a folklore filter or something equally as gorgeous!

Next, I played around with adding text, and doing overlays with videos I brought in as well as a webpage on Hegel (which you can see the gif of at the top of this report!)