Anime Video

I was given several different media types from an Anime class project to edit together into a video that both exhibited the students' work and integrated the different clips in a way that felt coherent.

The theme of the piece was "trapped in zoom". The main materials were the footage captured over zoom with the students using an 'Anime filter' to appear as cartoons and short animated clips that the students created with Procreate.

I used the Anime zoom footage to drive the story- essentially, 'we're trapped in zoom', 'we don't like being trapped in zoom', 'we gotta get out of here!'. These plot points would be punctuated by the Procreate animations, which would need to be modified, elongated, and composited together to be used as an antagonizing force in the story.

After Effects and Premiere Workflow

1. Create your basic edit in Premiere.

2. Open the Premiere project in After Effects.

Creating the CRT Monitor Look

To make the zoom-captured Anime footage look a bit more aesthetically pleasing, I decided to simulate a CRT monitor look with a few effects, some simple blending and the RED GIANT VHS simulator.

RED GIANT has a lot of really great tools for compositing and stylizing footage. This is especially helpful when the footage is of a lower quality. Because older monitors had fewer pixels, lower resolution images can look better on old CRTs as opposed to modern screens.

To implement this idea (that fewer pixels would equal a smoother image) I did the following:

1. Add the VHS Simulation to the Footage

Fixing Zoom Footage

2. Find an image of a blank CRT screen.

Creating The CRT Screen Image

3. Blend the Zoom Footage with the Screen Image.

Blend the Zoom Footage With the Screen Image

4. Using Optics Comphensation to Create a Monitor Curve

5. Creating a Wall of CRT Monitors

Creating the Monitor Wall

6. Why I didn't use 3D

7. Add Some Dust!

Adding Dust

8. Apply Another Layer of VHS Simulation

Final Composition

Integrating the Animation

Most of the animated clips from Procreate were anywhere from 2 to 6 frames long, so I had to loop them and then composit them together.

1. Looping Animations

2. Compositing the Animation Loops