Getting Your Project Out of Unity

This process has a sliding scale of how easy or complicated it may be to do. This walkthrough will highlight the absolute dead simple way to walk through your scene and end up with an easily moveable, presentable video of your gallery.

What's Needed

Most computers will be well equipped to do this without any extra programs, but hopefully this will give you enough information to find the one that is right for you. Linked above is a much more in-depth source on what tools might work the best for you.




Recording your Project

Once you've found the right screen recording software for you, all you'll need to do is run your program right in the Unity "Game" tab and walk through exactly the way you'd like to! Click the link in the title to get a step by step walkthrough on how you might do this.

If you're looking to talk while you're walking through, make sure the recording software you chose can support this. If it doesn't, you can always record it on your phone and connect the video and audio using iMovie or Adobe Premiere(which is temporarily free for anyone with a college email).

Once this is done(don't forget to hit stop!), you should have a video file you can upload to Youtube or Google Drive.

Alternate Method

This is a Unity plugin that you can download from the Unity Asset store that will just be a higher quality recording, if a slightly more work-intensive one. It will allow you to dial in the settings that will work best for you and record the walkthrough without Unity's frame and display around it.

Challenge Mode

If you're really looking to create something beautiful and cinematic after investing so much time and energy into your gallery, there are other tools you can use for this. Cinemachine is the go-to engine for creating game cinematics and 3D animations in Unity. The documentation is linked above, but below I'll put some extra resources that might help you move down this path! Happy Building!