A Brief Intro to Resolve

The majority of editing can be broken down into just a few moves that are repeated over and over. These few moves break down to choosing your clip and placing your clip. Almost everything else from there is a variation on those two things.

Like most editing programs, Resolve is directed at professional editors and has designed it's workspace to reflect that. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see that it has been broken out to the 7 general stages of post-production workflow:

The reality for someone just jumping into DaVinci is that you may not have a strong need for Assembly, Motion Graphics and Color Correction. So for the purpose of this walkthrough, I'd recommend bypassing them entirely. At the bottom of this page, I'll address what each tab is used for in greater depth.

The Basic Editing Moves

With all of that out of the way, I'd recommend doing all your editing in the Edit tab and largely not paying attention to the Cut tab until you have a specific use for it.

In the Edit tab, you'll find yourself in a bit of a dance. You simply need to follow three basic steps:

At this point, you're just going to have to watch through all of your footage and identify the best moments and placing them in the timeline!

Once you've gone through all your footage with a fine toothed comb, your next step will be to drag your clips around, placing them in the timeline and use the trim function to adjust their lengths to your liking.

Exporting and Final Steps

Once you've gone through all your footage, selected, placed and trimmed it, you're pretty much at the end. If you need to do any more advanced actions, you can find all kinds of guides below But assuming all you needed was a series of shots artfully arranged next to one another, which tends to be what editing is, then you're likely ready to export!

This is where it becomes easy to get lost in the complicated jargon of it all. But most people will really only need a single method in order to upload it to Vimeo or Youtube, in these cases, selecting the "Vimeo" or "Youtube" settings in the top left will automatically fill all your needed values. These are perfectly fine choices.

If you'd simply like to be the master of your own fate, feel free to use these settings as they will yield good results.


These are the settings that will make the most impact on your end export, everything else are just fine-tuning options, feel free to leave them or change them as you see fit!

Tabs and what they're used for