Creating Custom Effects for Zoom

Snap Camera is SnapChat's desktop tool for implementing their AR lens effects, they also released an extremely powerful AR tool for creating these lens effects entirely on your own, called Lens Studio.

Normally, this could just be a fun thing for folks to pass back and forth to each other, but what really opens this up into the realm of powerful, implementable tools is that Snap Camera will automatically create a virtual camera in Zoom, allowing you to implement those lenses in your meetings. -- It is important to note that this only works if Zoom is up to date(v5.0.4 or newer).

It is worth noting that to use Snap Camera, you don't need to register with SnapChat, but to publish lenses from Lens Studio, you will need to create a log in(this can be done here)

Snap Camera comes with a full interface allowing you to choose any lens, made by anyone out there. It's also good to note that you cannot make a "private" lens, but you can prevent them from promoting your lenses.

Once you've figured out how to build a lens that you want, whether it is removing your background, creating trigger actions, or mapping portions of your face. There are also tons of templates that can get you started on whatever you're hoping to build -- you'll need to publish this lens in order to get it into Snap Camera.

The process is simple:

To access the lens in Snap camera