Creating Anime Style Speedline backgrounds

This will outline two different styles of speedlines, the first will be the radial(top right) and the second will be horizontal/diagonal(top left).

Radial Speedlines

From here, you should have something that roughly looks like this!

You can run back through the variables to change the dynamics of how the triangle move, as well as the Fill effects to change the colors as needed.

Horizontal speedlines

Next up is how to achieve this look, this is fairly similar, except instead of using a triangle shape and randomizing that movement, we'll be modifying a generated effect to achieve the illusion of motion.

First off, you'll want to bring a Solid Layer in as your backdrop, the color doesn't really matter. Layer > New > Solid Select and hit Enter to rename "Background"

Now, you should have a very simple Horizontal Speedline effect!

For bonus points, you can duplicate your Shadows 01 and rename it Highlights 01, and change the Mode from Multiply to Screen -- This will give it a bright center beam that compliments the dark lines nicely