Casey Cann

Hi, I'm the Learning Lab Studio Coordinator!

Still looking for the one, really great photo of me that exists only within my mind. Once I find it, it will go here.

Tools I work with include:

Resources I've created:

My bio:

I handle the technical operations for the Learning Lab Studio, working to keep everything running smoothly and identifying ways we can continue growing as well as new applications of technology we can bring into our space and community. At the moment, I'm working on getting even more comfortable working in After Effects and Unity, while I build short tutorials from requests our students send in. I received a dual degree BA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Film/Video and the Studio for Interrelated Media. Besides all the work I do here, I'm also an independent filmmaker, currently producing a film written and directed by another Boston-based artist, and spend my free time(when not quarantined) dabbling, tinkering, and generally fiddling in metal(and very recently wood!) fabrication at the Artisan's Asylum.