After Effects Cell Behavior Challenge

Hope you find these helpful!

This has become a cool little repository of how you might go about animating cell behaviors, each one is rooted from a request we received from a student in one of the courses we support.

Secreting cells

I want to illustrate a cell "secreting" things, such as antibodies and circles that represent pro-inflammatory factors - How do I make it look like a circle/cell is doing this?

Applying a Throb Effect

Are there ways to animate objects, like circles, so that they look like they are throbbing? I want to give an abstract representation of an inflamed cell/tissue.

Divide and Multiply Animation

I want to illustrate cancer. Is there a way to have a bunch of circles, representing cells, to rapidly divide and multiply in a way that forms a tumor-like cluster?

Fading a Shape Layer

I want to illustrate a dying cell by having it gradually fade colors from white to gray to black?

Scaling a Composition

If I have a flow chart/diagram is there a way to "zoom into" individual elements of the flow chart to further elaborate on an individual step?

Animating Along Paths

How can I have multiple path-following animations going at once? I'm not sure how I will integrate this yet, but anticipate that it'll come up.