A Year of LLUFing

We asked each cohort of LLUFs to reflect on their time in this past year at the Learning Lab, and what their class year specifically brings to their unique perspective as a LLUF.

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Class of 2023:

Abby McElroy - LLUF Freshman "I’m very into joy, and one of my favorite books on joy is all about its aesthetics and ways to design joyful spaces. To me, the Learning Lab is the epitome of a joyful space. I fell in love with its abundant cards, its harmonious tree, its colorful tulle, and its playful atmosphere."

Kylie Simms - LLUF Freshman "I think that being a freshman gives me a unique perspective in having fresh eyes. Since I am new to the community, I can offer the ideas of more of an outsider rather than someone who has been doing this for a while."

Sarah Deonarian - LLUF Freshman "My time as a LLUF has been a journey of discovery. It has challenged me to think about about what I want to learn, how I learn, and how I teach others. It has encouraged me to think outside of the box and explore new and weird things, sometimes in unconventional ways.It also has taught me, and really engrained in me, that an education is more than just knowledge, it is experience."

Julie Tassinari - LLUF Freshman "Being a LLUF is unlike any job I’ve had. I love that the work we do builds our own skills in a wide range of tools and abilities, but the best part is that we then use that newfound knowledge to make resources to help others."

Sofi Andrade - LLUF Freshman "Something else that has kept me really motivated is the Bok Center and working as a LLUF. I think my work as a LLUF has definitely evolved from where I started.Now, I'm working a bit more independently."

Class of 2022:

Emmy Semprun - LLUF Freshman "Being a sophomore gives me a different perspective on LLUF activities/tests because for most of this year, I was at the point of my college career where I had to decide on my concentration and I was constantly thinking in my classes “Is this interesting to me? Could I see myself doing this in the future?” . I took that perspective with me when trying or making something for a class in the LL, because I was thinking of the students in the class that would be asking themselves the same questions and how this material would impact their answers."

Class of 2021:

Kathryn Wantlin - LLUF Freshman "As a junior, I’ve gone through a lot of Harvard classes and clubs, switched around a lot, and tried my best to stay flexible because there’s a lot that I love and want to explore. At the Learning Lab, I found a job that let me seriously pursue those kinds of creative projects and an environment where I saw so many low-stakes opportunities to try new things. It makes me wish I’d found the Learning Lab sooner or happened upon a class they support! I’m glad I still have my senior year to be a part of this community and make the most of this experience."

Laura Frustaci - LLUF Junior "Being a LLUF is, without a doubt, the greatest job on campus — maybe even the greatest job in the world. It's kind of hard to put into words what it means to be a LLUF — what it is, what we do, what is happening in the magical space known as the studio — but I think the manifesto really gave me a concise way to describe it next time somebody asks, "what do you do at the Learning Lab?" We learn how to learn."

Molly Peterson - LLUF Junior "Having worked at the Learning Lab for going on two years now, I think I’m keenly aware of how my own approach to my personal education has evolved and been impacted by my ever-changing understanding of pedagogy. It’s such a privilege to have a job that offers so much food for thought on a daily basis about my personal life and habits, which are largely determined by my identity as a full-time university student. I’m glad I started at the Bok Center young because I’ve had the time to shape myself into a more effective learner. I have definitely gotten more out of my college education as a result."

Sophie Bauder - LLUF Junior "I think being closer to the end of my college career gives me an interesting perspective wherein I’m both loving LLUF activities for their pure learning/fun value, but also for their value in teaching new skills that I can apply professionally. Working at Bok offers a daily cross-section of so many different careers and the skills that you need for them (ex. Graphic design, video editing/filmmaking, web design) and getting to give them all a shot is so helpful towards finding what fields you might be into besides the ones to which you’re exposed via your major."

Sophie Webster - LLUF Sophomore "My favorite part of LLUFing has been getting to know the energetic, driven, and ebullient folks who inhabit the space. It’s incredible to watch everyone’s divergent interests intersect and coalesce into a cohesive mission and impactful, multi-dimensional work. I also love the opportunity LLUFing affords me to work with a wide variety of media and get my hands dirty with a whole bunch of software & tools I’d otherwise never have the chance to check out! The LL has changed across several different axes since spring 2019 — of course, the space is ever-evolving in its artwork and set-up!"

Shivi Aggarwal - LLUF Sophomore "As a junior, I've done almost all of my GenEd requirements. Our class year was also the first to be brought in after GenEd had its most recent switch. Given that Bok works so much with GenEds, I've loved seeing how the more recent GenEds have been much more engaging and cross-disciplinary, using media in creative ways."

Class of 2020:

Connor Rice - LLUF Junior "Being a senior, I’d like to say I have a special perspective on LLUF activities and tests; especially as I have done them for three years and witnessed their evolution. I think in my position I can appreciate the work that we get to do as LLUFs a lot more; all tests and activities are incredibly fun for us whilst always useful to someone else."

Elmer Vivas Portillo - LLUF Freshman "In the course of taking classes in education, immigration, the social sciences, I realized that that's where I saw myself. I also found a lot of power in trying to pass on knowledge to others, and so, working at the Learning Lab has been an opportunity to fulfill so many of those goals. Every day, we have the opportunity to work on resoruces for our peers, for faculty, and really improve the learning experience for everyone. That's such a unique experiene that I don't think I can point to at any other place."