Animating a Character

We are going to make an animated character similar to the one below which will help us narrate an explainer video using some of adobe's creative apps.

The Adobe Apps We Will Use

Adobe Illustrator

We will use adobe illustrator to customize our own character!

Adobe Character Animator

We will use adobe character animator to bring our character to life using a web cam and our own movements!

How to Make Your Own

We can basically follow this tutorial from adobe:

Some Helpful Notes On This Tutorial:

Step 1. Download a character template from adobe. We choose the Blank one. When you open the file, you are taken into Ch. (this is covered in the first 5 minutes of the video).

Step 2. Get it open in Ai. (I closed Ch as soon as I opened Ai to help my lil computer not overwork).

Around 6:25 in the tutorial video

From 6:30-12:00 the tutorial goes over the organization of layers in your character. You start learning how to customize by finding the "Replace" layers and doing small edits.

Around 12:00 in the tutorial video

Step 3. Really start making it your own!

Around 15:33 in the tutorial video

Once you have customized your character, you can bring it into Adobe Character Animator and you should be able to use the facial recognition function to animate it!