podcasting editing workshop

This page contains links that may be helpful during the Bok Center Learning Lab's Podcasting Workshop for EXPOS 20 Language, Identity, and Power.

Over the course of this workshop, we are going to

  1. tour some options for recording and editing in a variety of different software tools.
  2. spend some time in breakout rooms devoted to each of the following applications:

We can also help out with any questions you have about Logic or Ableton if you decide to go with one of those tools instead.


As you begin to create your own podcasts, here are a couple of resources to check out.


If you have any questions after the workshop, or at any time during the production of your podcast, feel free to reach out to use at help.learninglab.xyz and we will put together a customized tutorial for you.


Catch us in person during the following times:


Today's workshop features: