Installing and configuring OBS and NDI to use in Zoom

OBS or "Open Broadcaster Software" is a powerful program that allows you to accomplish many of the effects you see on the evening news, including adding videos, images, and text on top of your webcam video. When combined with Zoom it becomes a powerful tool for creating engaging presentations.

NDIĀ® Tools is a free suite of applications that acts as a virtual cable, connecting OBS and Zoom, and permits the impressive functionalities that OBS has to offer.

To get started, the first thing we need to do is download and run some software packages!


NDI Tools:

Once you run the NewTekNDIVirtualInput.pkg installer, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Go ahead and perform the restart

OBS-NDI pagckages:

Opening the applications and connecting the Sources

Open up Zoom and select NDI Video as your camera source by clicking the ^ next to the "Stop Video" button.

You should now be connected and ready to start building scenes in OBS!

Here is a good tutorial to get you started on how to build scenes in OBS.

Good luck!!