General Education Program Course Trailer Development

Through the late summer and late fall of 2019, there were two periods of intensive, deadline-driven media production that took place in the Bok Center's Learning Lab, in support of the Program in General Education at Harvard College.

The goal was to create course trailers for Gen Ed courses in the newly-revamped Gen Ed 2.0 program, that students could watch and then be better-informed about the courses in which they were choosing to enroll.

The Learning Lab media team, despite having a full plate of production and post-production demands, threw their support in behind this effort.

Mike Oliveri, the Learning Lab's Media Production Coordinator, oversaw the production of these trailers, serving as a Producer and videographer on set, and as the lead editor of the final published videos. Katie Gilligan supported the effort in scheduling the required filmings with very-hard-to-pin-down faculty members. Adam Beaver and Eleanor Finnegan provided extensive pedagogical support throughout the process, and Casey Cann, the Learning Lab's Technical Operations Coordinator, delivered both as a videographer but also as the

As well, Mike oversaw a team of Learning Lab Media Production Assistants that contributed mightily to the shooting and editing demands.

Following suggested faculty revisions, the videos were completed to mutual satisfaction on both sides, and then posted to each course's Canvas site, as well as on the Gen Ed homepage.