A Tale of Two Timelines

The following is an introduction to a self-recorded, post-apocalyptic movie that was shown as a demonstration video for a video production workshop for students in GENED1001 (Stories from the End of the World) on 11/19/2020.

Mike Apocalypse - GenEd1001 from Learning Lab on Vimeo.

Students in GENED1001 were producing their own videos of apocalyptic stories for their final projects, and the idea was to quickly write, record, and edit a first-person, post-apocalyptic narrative from 9am-1pm on the day of the workshop, and then demo it as one potential model for their own projects.

Given that this was a rather short production timeline, it was important to map out all of the elements that needed to be produced -- and in what order -- so that the video could be completed in time for the workshop.

A Gantt chart of the production process

The key steps for creating this video:

Pre-production (PURPLE)

Production (GREEN)

Post-production (RED)

Here is a snap shot of all of the structural components in the timeline, once the video was completed