Distance Lab Update Video(s)!

It has been a while since all of us, the LLUFs, have posted a video to our distance diaries. On the heels of our one-month reflections (which can now be found on this lovely website), this seems like a perfect time for all of us to post some video updates.

We have several ideas at the moment...

Shorter Video(s)

1. Bok Friends

Following one of the recent TikTok trends (seen here), record yourself doing something random/ridiculous and then turn, realize the camera is there, and wave hello...BUT, with a Bok twist:

The "random" thing you are doing should in some way connected to your current learning experience. In other words, perhaps find yourself doing readings in the shower, on a Zoom call while cooking, etc.

Video Protocol:

2. What is Inspiring You?

Record (audio-only) yourself reading a quote that gets you motivated/inspired to do your schoolwork.

Audio Protocol:

3. What's in your Fridge?

Following yet another recent TikTok trend (seen here), record yourself taking something random out of your fridge. The Bok twist:

The "random" item you take out should reflect a tool that you have been using to do your Bok work, such as your laptop open to the Final Cut window, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. (Note: Does not need to be a laptop).

Video Protocol:

Longer Video

1. Reflection

Reflect and answer the following questions: How would you reflect on the purpose of learning? Has this idea changed for you since you have been learning online?

Video Protocol: